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Question 94' E320 blower problem

I am working on a friends MB and the blower motor just quit working. All the A/C stuff works great. I was told by another member how to check it. He said to find the three wire connection by the master cylinder and check for 1-6V on the yellow wire and 12V on the other wire. I found a three wire connector behind the master cylinder and checked for voltage on the white/blue wire and it did not have power on it. This three wire connector has a yellow, white/blue stripe and a black wire. Is this the right connector? There was no voltage on the larger white/blue wire with the ignition on. I am going to recheck these wires again. If I find voltage on this wire then that means I will need to check the blower and regulator next. How do I get to the blower motor. How long will it take to change this blower out and how much do the blower and regulator cost?
thanks for any help JohnT
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