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I believe that the determination of the car's value
is relevant to this issue. Have you received an
independant appraisal? I haven't myself, but I
am going to. If you have purchased your SL for $4K,
then you really should get the car valued
properly. I would imagine that some insurance
companies might use your purchase price as the
true value and pay up to that amount.
In my case, I paid $15K and thought that I got
a great deal. I need to back up my thought with
proof. Right now, I can 'prove' that my car is
worth $15K and you can 'prove' $4K. We both
need a file of photos of our cars and comparable
cars along with the values of the other cars.
As someone said, these cars are worth what people
will pay for them. I believe that they are worth
what people believe them to be worth. We have to
have evidence or the insurance companies will
believe what they want. We don't want that!
1967 250SL
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