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Originally posted by jcyuhn
...On the plus side, it retained it's value very well, and the overall cost of ownership was quite reasonable.
We actually made quite a bit on our car. We owned it for a year and about 15,000km's. During our short time with the car it gave us nothing but headaches. I regretted selling the car, but was afraid of owning it out of warranty. All our repairs were covered under the Signature Class warranty, but a lemon is a lemon.

We bought the car for about $35,000 (there was a trade involved so nailing down the exact price is a little tough) and sold it for $47,500. Just the other day I saw one sold for $54,000 and I'm kicking myself for not asking more. They were about $65K new.

We bought a 1995 C36AMG with some higher miles for $31,000. We had to put some money into it, and were into the car for about $35K when our neighbour moved out of the country and gave his 98 E300 to his son. The son wasn't interested ina "boring" diesel and fell in love with our C36. So we traded. With the tidy profit from the diesl we paid cash for the 99 Subaru.
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