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Brakes to the floor with a NEW master! How?

I have a '65 220Se 2-dr coupe.

PROBLEM: The brake pedal went to the floor. So, I replaced the old ATE with a new ATE master. Bled this thing 3 times, no air is currently in the system. The pedal still goes to the floor.

Sometimes I can get the pedal to fee like it's got some pressure, but as soon as the car is started, the pedal goes to the floor.

BRAKE BOOSTER: The vacuum booster diaphragm sounds like it could have a small leak in it. But here's the thing...even if the booster does have a leak, shouldn't the master's hydraulic action take over and apply the brakes like a manual car would?

DIAGNOSIS: With the wheels off I can see the calipers gripping and the rear shoes moving outward, but the pedal still goes to the floor with the wheels on.

QUESTION: Even if the booster isn't operative, shouldn't the pure mechanics/hydraulics of the system at least stop the car like a manual car?

Phil from Kansas

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