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To bench bleed, you need to mount the master cylinder solidly on the bench. Some times you can just clamp it in a vice. Be sure it is level or you will likely never get all the air out. Next, you must connect short lines to the output ports on the cylinder. Some cylinders will come with some plastic fittings and tubing. If not, you can make some bleeding lines by buying short lengths of brake tubing with the proper fitting already on it. If both ports use the same size fitting, just buy a 24 inch length with the proper fitting at both ends. Cut the tube in two equal lengths and bend it so that the tubes will loop back into the top of the master cylinder reservoir. You fill the reservoir with fluid so the ends of the tubes are submerged. Then simply pump the master cylinder until no bubbles come out of the tubes. Keep adding fluid as needed to keep the ends of the tubes covered. What this does is remove all the air trapped inside the cylinder. You may be able to leave the bleeding tubes installed until the cylinder is mounted and you are ready to connect the lines. After lines are connected, bleed the entire system to get out any air the entered when the cylinder was removed. Start with the right rear wheel and work your way forward. Amazing how well air can hide in a brake system.
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