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103 problem starting when warm

Hi everyone, thank you for this forum and all giving it his/her time to read it.

My problem is that when my 300 SE -87 with cat, it does not run after restarts, when warm. It starts fine the first 5-10 seconds and slowly dies. That lasts for after 100 sec. or so while doing restarts. During this time it has almost no responsivnes from the pedal. The rpm go down low (you think it will die) and it recover and runns like normal, and you can safely get out in traffic.

What can it be?
-Is it the Idle speed valve that is clogged and needs repeated signals to "unclogg"?
-Or is it water in the cylinders that has to go away first (when cold it gets so much fuel that it doesnt "feel" the water)?

I hope (I think) it ´s something electronic.

Many thanks in advance as we say in Sweden
Tobias Björkman
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