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To be safe, if you pull it out, rebleed it. Nothing worse than a too low pedal at the wrong time. It does not take much air in a system to be felt. Just the nature of master cylinders that they are a pain. The valving of the pistons and cups makes it hard to get all the air out. It seems they are never level when mounted in a car and there is always some high spot where an air bubble will hide. I get nervous that air will sneak in while I connect the brake lines. That's why I like the idea of leaving the bleeding line connected until the last minute. I also made up my own power brake bleeder to be able to bleed brakes by myself. I tend to run a lot of fluid when am flushing a system and bleeding the air. A five dollar quart of DOT 4 fluid sure beats a $150 caliper. Even that's no guarantee that you won't get some corrosion down the line.
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