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It boils down to your expectation of the manufacturer. If you expect that they will fix the car forever, even beyond the warranty period, then all TSB's should be recalls.

However, the TSB can be invaluable even if MB does not cover the repair cost. It can save huge amounts of diagnosis time, and that saves us the car owner time and money.

In this case, the car in question is about 12 years old and covered more than 250,000 kilometers. Is it unreasonable to expect the owner to foot the bill for repairs at this point, even if it is a "known" flaw and information is contained in a TSB?

Drive ANY other car. No one covers anything even 1 mile past the warranty period. MB has replaced 3.5L diesel engines years after the warranty period expired on "goodwill." I have talked to many owners of W124 and W202 cars that had wiring harnesses replaced either on MB's tab, of a shared cost, all long after the warranty expired. On my own C230, it was under warranty and required a $150 transmission repair. MB Canada popped for a new unit so that I would have the "updated" 722.6 transmission. Would even Honda do such a thing? Not on your life.
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