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Blower & regulator diagnosis

I have removed the blower and regulator from my friends 94 e320 and I have a few questions. After replacing the 30A strip fuse because it had a crack down the center, I could see the motor trying to spin. I could spin it and it would stay spinning, but at a very low speed. I removed the 3 wire connector and had 12v on the red wire and also had the 1-8v on the yellow wire. I did not check the black (ground wire) at the 3 wire terminal. (Should I have) I jumpered 12v and ground to the blower and it ran fine. Does this mean the problem has to be at the regulator? I understand the regulator grounds the blower. I would like to order the new parts and get it repaired this weekend. I just need to get these questions answered before I can move on.
Thanks, JOHNT
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