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Getting the cluster out was easy. 1) Disconnect the battery! You don't want the air bag going off! Let her cool down for 10 minutes. There are 2 #30 or 35 (?) Torx bits behind the Wheel that hold the air bag in place. Take them out and pull the bag unit.

The next step is a doozie. All that is holding the steering wheel to the column is a big hex socket screw. Get your 10mm hex head socket, a 6 inch extention, and a 1/2 inch drive 18 inch long breaker bar.

Picture of the hex head socket and the screw below - sorry about the focus.

I put a 4 foot axe handle through the wheel, my wife held and added commentary, and i pulled like a mule. It broke free with a snap. I think it had green? threadlocker on it.

With it out, all there was left to do was index the wheel to the column with a little liquid paper, and pull the wheel. Under that is a little trim ring held on by 3 #1 phillips screws.

The insturement cluster pops right out.
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