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on the bench

With the cluster on the bench, it is was easy to take out the 12 or so screws that hold it together. I broke it down, polished the plastic window and grungy gauge faces. The only bulbs that really need replacing are the 2 night gauge cluster lights (replace with Sylvania 2721) in the 2 cigarette sized holders that stick into the cluster from the back. There are 2 other push in bulbs (Sylvania 3W 2821) in the brake warning socket, and the reserve fuel tank indicator. The rest of the lamps in the 107 are those blasted 2721 lamps - but they are soldered into those tiny black plastic snap-in holders. I replaced two with new, but the micro- soldering drove me nuts. I gave up at two.

Cleaning the plastic window and the gauges is very important to a good finished product. Wash you hands to get rid of oils. Use lint free towels and window cleaner to clean the window and the gauge faces. There are vent holes in the cluster that allow the decomposing foam in the dash pad to fall in and dirty things up. I was afraid to seal them (fogging?), but did place masking tape loosely over them to help keep things clean.
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