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Re: Check further my friend,

Originally posted by Derrel H Green
Wasn't MY 2003 the first year for the new CDI as well as the 211 chassis?

Nope. The CDI was available in the W210 in many places. North America has high-sulfer diesel fuel, and that is the main reason why we don't get the CDI, as well as potential low sales.

MB is bringing the diesel back in CDI form in the W211 E-Class to North American markets. Don't know why they don't try a C-Class diesel. VW sells 50% of their Golf and Jetta line in TDI form. There is a market for a nice compact diesel car.

In Canada, a base C230 or C240 sedan sells in the $40K range. Bring in a C270CDI with no COMAND, manual HVAC controls, etc. and price it at $38,000 and I'll be the first to buy one. With the Jetta TDI running about $32K well equipped, I can't imagine people thingking $6K would be too much of a permium for a Mercedes over a Volkswagon.
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