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Just to add a tad of advice, in case you ever consider the inline 6 in the 300se/sel, think about it first. I have a 300se and a 420sel. My 300, along with 95% of all other 300's out there, have an oil consumption problem. Mine consumes about a quart to a quart and a half every 800-1000. I have had a valve job done my a MB mechanic and the problem is still there. My opinion is that the inline 6 is not powerful enough to really pull that heavy of a car. Other than that, the 300 is a real good car. The oil problem is not a dangerous problem, but is more of just an inconvenience of having to stop on a 800 mile trip and add oil one or twice. I love the v8's, but as the others stated, make sure the timing chain service is done promptly because you can kill your motor to the point of a $3000-$5000 worth of damage if the rails break and cause the chain to jump. I will probably clean my 300 up come springtime and list it for sale and take the money and put into another 420sel for my wife. Also, the 92 model up, get a bit more expensive. IF the compressor goes out on the ac, you could easily be out $2k to fix. I hear also the service intervals such as brakes are more often and more expensive. IMO you just can't beat a w126 for wallet comfort($$). That's my 2 cents.
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