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Unhappy Bad fuel leak on 93' 300SL (W129)


for a few months now after not being driven for a week or more my 300SL badly leaks fuel. It is coming out of the plastic cover that goes over the fuel pumps under the car. This morning I started the car (it had not been driven for 2 weeks) and as I drove slowly it left a trace of fuel on the ground. I turned around and left the car at home. This has happened in the past on 3-4 occasions and generally after driving for about 11 miles (to work) the leak seems to stop.

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this issue - last time the car was in for a service I asked MB to check it out - they claim to have taken the plastic cover off and inspected the lines but could not find anything. Any thoughts if this is related to the venting system of the fuel tank or any other ideas will be greatly appreciated.


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