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I have just bought a 1991 300CE and it looks and runs like a dream. It was owned from new by one Swiss gentleman in Zurich and has a full service history, car serviced at the agents and book stamped every 10000 kms ! I think I got a steal. It has now 180,000 kms on the clock and has the feel of a 2 year old ! My question is, the battery tag says it was installed in January 1997 so I guess it must be on it's last legs by now. It is rated at 62 amp/hours and I was sort of thinking the car will run with a bigger battery as I will use the air con most of the time so how big do you think I can go with this. Your advice, as always, gratefully accepted.

BTW, I think I shall hold on to my 500SEL too, do you think I am mad ?
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