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96 SL320 oil Leak

Hi Folks,
I have a 96 SL320. I noticed that when I changed my oil for the first time that there was not a seal under the oil filter cap, one was supplied with the filter so I installed it. I checked for leaks and no leaks. Recently I replaced my valve cover gasket, after I finished I checked the seal all around to ensure no leakage, there is none. However while inspecting the engine a bit further I discovered that I had another oil leak that looks like it is coming form under the oil filter housing. Has anyone else had this problem? I looked all around the valve cover gasket, the head gasket, and no leaks, (I can't see the back of the head gasket) is it common for the sending unit or something near the filter housing to leak? Has anyone had this problem? Let me know, any help would be appreciated!
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