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illumination headlight switch - W107

Another where does it go question. In the 88 560SL the night illumination lamp that should be backlighting the headlight rotary switch or panel has come loose. Iíve taken the driverís side speaker out to work on something else, but I still canít seem to find a socket that this little lamp would plug into. It is just floating around behind the dash lighting up nothing. The back side of the rotary knob and the wires leading to it seem to be encased in a rubber boot. Does anyone have any experience with the home for this lamp? It may have been pulled out of this boot, or does it snap into a holder on the outboard side of that and back light the panel instead. I donít have access to another car to look at. Thanks.

I also pulled the lamp that illuminates the footwell on the passenger side the other day. It melted the heck out of the backing to the under dash trip panel.
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