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Wheel Sensor Output for Rally Computer

Sorry for the cross-posting, but I'm not getting any response to this on the Performance Paddock forum. Please see my original posting below:

Howdy, folks. I'm trying to install a rally computer in my 1997 C36 AMG and am hoping someone can help me. Essentially, the rally computer is a hyper-accurate odometer that uses a pulse from a distance sensor to tell you precisely how far you've gone and what your average speed was over some selected elapsed time and/or distance. Typically, the distance sensor consists of a Hall-effect sensor mounted near a rotating part of the drivetrain on which rare-earth magnets are mounted. Whenever a magnet comes by the sensor, it triggers a pulse and lets the computer know that a revolution (or fraction therof) has been completed. Putting the computer into calibration mode then running a known distance, the computer determines a "factor" for how many pulses make up the known distance.

I've installed a computer on our rally car (1984 190E 2.3/5 speed) using this method, but I'd rather not epoxy any magnets to my AMG wheels nor drill any holes in my firewall. I know that the ABS system uses sensors on each wheel, and was hoping to piggyback an input to the computer from somewhere inside the passenger compartment. Suggestions, anyone?
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