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Sorry, but false.
The OM606 does not fit in the 2000+ w210. The deck is too high and the new hoods were too low. In everywhere but the
USA, they switched to the new 220, 270, and 320 CDI motors in
the w210. The reason we did not get diesels in 2000-2003
was, when re-tuned to run on US grade hi-sulfer fuel, the engine
could not pass strict emissions standards in most states.
The w211 chassis has allowed engineers to adapt different exhaust catalists and new technologys to compensate for hi-sulfer fuel. When the Clean-Air act goes into effect in 2006 and
we see the hi-grade euro diesel fuel, emissions certifications should be no sweat in all 50 states as the cars will be running as originally designed.
I had a 2000 E320 CDI for a rental car in Antigua last year.
Nice car and much smoother than the older E300's.
It could smoke the tires with out trying.
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