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1984 190E Mercedez Engine turn off suddenly when driving long distance

The engine turned off by itself only if am driving long distance, over 10 km for example and restart about 2 mins later and then runs good again. It can do it several times a day, and other times, it runs good. It is scaring since it can turn off at anytime. When restarting the car, smoke comes out of the air filter. It turned off specially when driving fast. I have changed the fuel pump relay, the ignition module, injectors, but the problem still there. So any advice please? thank you

My mechanic told me I need to change the parts as well
Automatic Transmission
Set Automatic Gear Box Gasket
Outer Disc
Inner Disc
Inner Disc k2
Front Break Band
Rear Break Band
Adjusting Pressure Diaphram

PS: Can you email me a quote for the spare parts too including shipping to Mauritius.
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