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Very odd problem...

Hi guys, I have a problem with my 92' 2.3 190e. It seems to have difficulty starting when the outside temp. is below 0 deg C. I have done a couple of searches off this site (which is amazing!) but am not exactly sure what the problem is. Just to give you some background, I changed the battery and alternator last year mid-winter. At that time the problem cropped up a week or so after instalation of the new parts. I took both parts back and they checked out ok and i just kept the car in the garage. During the summer i had no probs, but then today the problem started up again.

I have read wherer the OVP can cause similar problems but noticed that the problem tends to occur when the car is warm. Do you think that the OVP can be the culprit again?

Thanks in advanace.

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