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sixto - I went through the service manual last night and I'm not sure why you suggest that one of the vacuum actuators are not working since it's apparent they're working properly. From reading the manual and I do admit I may have misunderstood something their function is to divert air to certain vents.

They are all functioning properly on my car. When I press buttons on the dash the air is diverted to the proper location.

My problem as previosuly described is a lack of hot air. The control wheel on the CCU appears to do nothing. I purchased another CCU which I will install this weekend.

I will ask this question of the assembled masses and it's this "when you press the left most button for the window defroster does the temp thumbwheel affect the temp or it is only supposed to blow hot air?" - I ask because mine blows hot air only when I press the defroster button.

I will run tests decribed in the manual prior to replacing the CCU, but it's looking more and more like a failure in the rheostat on the temp thumbwheel at this point. I read about the repair procedure here in other thread but was able to get a functioning used CCU at a good price.

does anyone know off the top of their heat the voltages passed to the monovalve whe it's in the off and on positions?

and I understand that in the absence of current to the monovalve it is open - thus allowing coolant to flow through the heater core.. is this true?

In addition does air always run through the heater core or does one of the vacuum actuators redirect fresh into through the heater core?

any comments / observations?

thanks in advance..

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