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The auto: 1976 280s, DOHC 6 cylinder, 4 barrel Solex carb

The problem: The engine dies. It has happened 3 times in the last 2 weeks. 2 times after driving a short distance then turning off the car. When I try to restart it takes a long time, but finally does start. This week after a short trip, it cranked right up ( as usual ) then died after about 2 blocks, while setting a stop light. It cranked up again, but took much cranking. Also last week, it would not start in the morning. I had to crank a long time and pump the gas pedal, but it finally did start and ran fine.

The really odd part is that when it dies it happen with no warning of any kind. There is no odd sound or feel, no missing, no just dies. In fact, it seems like it actually quits running even quicker than when you turn off the ignition.

My mechanic thinks it is an electrical problem of some sort. Any thoughts, suggestions, comments or questions would be appreciated.

These are the things I am checking:

ignition switch
points ( for sticking open, this happen to me once 25 years ago, and took forever to figure out)
shut off solenoids in base of carb
all wiring
fuel pump

Stephen C. Stierstorfer

P.S. Feel free to respond via email.
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