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ABS light comes on intermittently

I searched and found that this could be related to dirt or corrosion at the sensor(s), a problem with the OVP relay (is there one of these on a 1985 380SE?), or an actual fault somewhere in the electrical or hydraulic system. So, I cleaned the sensors and serrated rings on the front wheels. No change. The light comes on when I'm just starting to move, and the pedal feels 'crunchy'. It will often go out again if I stop the car and turn the key off/on, and will also come on when I'm just motoring along at speed.

For what it's worth, I'll clean the rear wheel sensors (are there sensors at the rear too?), and see if that helps. If not, I could remove the bulb and forget it (pedal feel is annoying, but safe, right?), or tape over it (lazy but quick solution).

Finally, next spring (car goes into storage next month for winter), I was thinking of disconnecting the hydraulic control box entirely, so it would be just like my old 450SE non-ABS brakes. Anyone care to comment on:

- Possible other things to check that can be easily repaired or CHEAPLY replaced?
- What might happen if I just ignore this (bulb solutions)
- What to look out for when disconnecting this aggravating system. I don't drive this car in winter, only summer, and rarely even out of town, so the value to me of this is negligible compared to the annoyance of the pedal feel and the @#$%^ light.
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