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john e
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i'm having prolonged cold starts. i have installed a new fuel pump, it made a little difference, but still is a hard start. i'm looking at the cold start valve and maybe the warm-up regulator right now. i don't have a manual yet, but i'm assuming that i have cis fuel injection of sorts. believe it or not i cannot find a haynes manual for an '89 190e 2.3 in st. louis.
i went to the local dealer this morning and the parts guy was insistant that i had a 2.6 or a 16 valve. he even eluded to the fact that there was no 2.3 made in 1989. i'm beginning to believe that i have a phantom 190e, parts are listed for 83 to 88 and then 90 to 93. i paid $2000 for it, the body and interior are now in excellent condition. i repaired all the parts that were damaged during the theft. so far i have $350 in it, it looks good, but doesn't run well. i don't believe in buying parts in the chance it might make a difference. i had an 88 saab that was a transition year and parts were almost impossible to find. is the 89 190e 2.3 a transition year and model? i hope not, maybe that was the reason for the good deal.
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