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Thumbs up Help a college student! 1994 C280 lightswitch:

I have reparied my car and it is in great shape. Interior upgrades, electrical matters are fine and things are just good. You all know the feeling.

NOW, out of nowhere the switch for my lighting is screwed-up; when I turn it nothing happens. I had it looked at earlier today and the tech notified me that it was a simple problem and that the switch was broken. He expressed that he could order one, it'd be there in an hour and ithat it would cost like $40, adding in the hour that it'd take to install it and my total would be around $110. I have gone to this place before to have work done, but the bottom line is that I just don't have that available in my budget right now, considering all of the work I've had done to my car.

Does anyone have an extra knob for their light switch. I'm assuming mine is broken...he simply stuck a screwdriver under it, pulled it out, stuck his finer under it and said "Oh ok, it's simple, your switch is broken."

Help. Thanks.
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