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I'm sure that mine look every bit as bad as the ones in that post. The giveaway is that when the car is accelerating under a load, especially going uphill or rounding a corner under power, and I let off the accelerator I can feel the back end of the car change direction suddenly, as if the whole subframe is shifting around, which it probably is. Very unsettling, particularly at speed!

I'm planning to install a complete Sportline kit in the relatively near future as well as replacing all of the suspension and driveline rubber parts, bushings and ball joints, front and rear.

I'm in the process of saving the $$ and gathering the parts, info and tools that I'll need to do the job myself, as much as possible. I'm thinking that I'll put the car up on jackstands and drop the subframe to get the best access to everything. Whatever I can't do by myself I can then take the individual parts in to be refurbished.

I'm pretty sure that I can rent the spring compressor and some of the other tools from Performance Products and I have access to a hydraulic press, if necessary, through my brother who's a machinist at Cal Tech.

If time permits I'm also hoping to document it with my new digital camera and post a DIY article on the project.

Any tips, info or suggestions on any aspect of doing this job will be gratefully received!

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