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W123 rear pinion oil seal Q {Tightening torque error!)

I'm in the middle of wrestling with my pinion oil seal. I've bought the seal, have removed the propshaft and am trying to remove the pinion nut. Here's my question.

Both the haynes manual and the MB service book (section 35-530) talk about measuring the torque required to rotate the differential and 1/2 shafts. The MB manual talks about using a 30-600Ncm torque 'measuring tool. However, when explaining how to re-install the pinion nut they adise to tighten to the figure measured and to at least 180Nm.

Well - I'm confused - 600Ncm is equal to 6Nm - so even at the highest measurement I'd expect the pinion nut to be tightened to 6Nm. Is the 180Nm a typo that should say 180Ncm?

The problem I'm having at the moment is I can't undo the pionion nut as it's on so hard. Any advice?

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