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Here are some:

-Check the battery water level (Obvious)
-Replace the front and rear sway bar bushings (check rear links)
-Vacuum out the temperature sensor inlet in overhead unit
-Lube door locks, ignition and trunk tumblers, hood latch mechanism
-CK and replaced wiper blade and/or arm
-Check shifter bushings (2) often are about ready to replace at this mileage
-Wipe door and trunk moldings with silicone
-Check spare for proper inflation
-Rotate fuses in their sockets
-Pull rear tail light clusers and inspect for dark bulbs, clean good ones
-Check driver's and passenger front seat cushions for deteriorated pads and broken springs
-Lube seat tracks with silicone spray carefully using extra rags to catch over flow.

-Did I miss seeing fuel filter?

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