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Question What exactly is the deal???

I know the fluid is heated, and I see the coils going into the tank. I also see electrical wiring going to the actual jets in the hood. How does the system work? Are the jets and the fluid heated electrically and sort of mechanically? I would like to know how it works. My Range Rover has heated sprayers, and they are only electric (no coil in tank) controlled by the outside temp. 2 years ago they worked, now they don't. The Benz idea seems better, more reliable. The Rover also has tiny wires in the front windshield that you can electrically heat it instead of waiting for the defrost. How are the MB locks in the winter? Do they ice up and freeze? They do on the Rover, but then again if you pull out the door handle it electrically heats the lock and you can open the door. That, fortunantly, still works.
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