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If I refer to p.161 of the haynes manual, point 9. It say,s 'tighten the pinion nut gradually until the tuning torque is the same as that recorded in paragraph 2' i.e. torque to turn the flange - The light has just gone on now though as I had assumed incorrectly that the pinion nut torque should be set to the measured turning torque.

So, am I right in thinking that with the pinion nut finger tight that the turning torque will increase as I tighten the pinion nut. However, given that minuimum is 180Nm - I just need to go straight to that figure and check turning torque is in ball park.

The haynes manual says if the 180Nm can't be attained then replace the spacer - well, surely the only reason for the torque being unobtainable is the thread has stripped or the who assembly is turning.

I had not planned on replacing my spacer as a matter of course so am confused about your reference to replacing a 'washer'.

Thanks for the comments though & setting me straight!..
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