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Dear All:

First, thanks for the replys. I just got back from the shop and had both the front and rear end checked out and everything there is fine.

I also went to the alignment shop to verify the alignment, it seems that the values for everything were different than what the values were when I had it aligned last week. (hence my poor handling experience over the weekend at high speeds) In other words, the tech must have not tightened things up therefore I lost the alignment or he used the wrong/different program. Which brings up my next question.

In setting up the machine for alignment, he entered in 1988 Mercedes from there the are 10 options available for my car:

1988, 190E, 2.3L, Automatic

The machine used is a: John Bean. The different options (programs) for the alignment values are as follows:

1) 190e Sportline
2) 190e ex. Sportline
3) 201. 01/02/12 Hardsprings
4) 201. 01/02/12 Sportline
5) 201. 01/02/12 from 11/1988
6) 201. 01/02/12 to 10/1988
7) 201. 034/035
8) 201. 034/035 Hyd, Ride Height allround
9) 201. 035/128 from 11/1988
10) 201. 036 Evolution 1/2

Now the tech used option number 2 for the alignment values this second time around. My car is not a Sportline. Therefore, I doubt that he has used the correct program values to properly align the vehicle.

Can anyone help me in telling me which alignment option the tech should use to properly align my vehicle? Remember, I live in the third world and the poor guy who aligned my car is not the most literate person and no one at the alignment shop (one of the major chains here in Guatemala) could confidently answer my question.
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