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Originally posted by Duke2.6
One reason why KE engines do not exhibit good cold starting in mild weather is because the cold start valve DOES NOT add fuel unless the coolant temperature is about 5C or below( This may vary with model/engine). Conversely they will exhibit better cold start behavior at 5C or below because the cold start valve is adding fuel.

The temperature at which the cold start valve is activated and adds fuel is well below the cold start temperature for emissions certification, and I have no doubt this is intentional.

5*C is about 41*F, so what is mild weather?

And what is the 'cold start temp for emissions certification'?
Do you mean emissions for cold start up?Really, cold start up refers to any temp below when closed loop takes effect, usually, 60-80*C

The owners manual for my 87 300E says that for start problems, hold acc. pedal to floor and crank over. So a no-start on first crank is not unusual.
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