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I have a 2.6 that I bought just over a month ago. Since it is winter and is bitterly cold here in Canada, (night time lows approach -20C!!! without windchill factor) I had to have the dealer change the oil and transmission fluid. In the spring I'll be putting the car up on my ramps for servicing. I feel the 2.6 is the 190E of choice. The sportline option would be nice but, in Canada they are extremely rare. I have only seen one white/grey on black and it was gorgeous. The only downside to the 2.6 is the older design of the automatic transmission. It shifts according to vacuum and sometimes feels slow to react. The 2.6 motor has plenty of juice. High speed highway travel is its forte. I have no other qualms about the car other than the sometimes slow to react automatic transmission. Other than that I can only praise the car for its solidity, smoothness, agility and practicality. 2.6's are FANTASTIC CARS!!!!! ANY QUESTIONS JUST ASK!!!!!!!!!
190E 2.6 - 244 000 km
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