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Question about battery voltages in 1988 300E. Kinda long.

I replaced my alternator as my old one was causing a flickering lights etc (bad diode). I put in a used one and now that it is cold out all the accessories are running (Heater, Defrost, heated seats etc.) I parked somewhere the other day and the car would not start. I boosted it and all was fine, but I have been eerie about keeping on accessories that are not necessary. Today I checked the voltages with the car at idle and everything off and it was close to 14volts. With everything on it was dipping down to 11.? at idle. I changed the original Bosch regulator with the brushes and put on a Beru that I had recently replaced from my old alternator. It did not make much of a difference. Should the voltage fluctuate slightly while it is running? I understand that as components get older they usually take more juice to run. Am I just going to have to live with this? Any suggestions?

1997 E320
1990 Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo (Stage X+)
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