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Did you use stainless capscrews or something? It's normally a poor practice to use bolts instead of studs in an aluminum head. The studs are stainless and the nuts are brass or something. I would be afraid that the bolts, unless stainless, would run the risk of a bi-metallic corrosion problem.

I have learned from the difference in my MB's and my Vette that the studs in aluminum seem to be far superior. The ignorant people in Bowling Green who are trying to save a tenth of a penny per fastener used bolts through the accessory brackets into the aluminum heads and it is sets up a real problem.

I'm anxious to hear your experience and what you've learned, my experience and ideas about this may not be representative of the truth.

Duh, I just noticed that you said right there in your post that you used stainless. Sorry 'bout that. I still would like to hear your experience.


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