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Differential Gear swap 560 SEC


I sure spent alot of time looking around this Great site with little luck finding any information on Gear Swaps for A 560 SEC. This is what I know. To go from the stock gearing 2.47:1 to 3.06:1 on any 1986 through 1991 Mercedes 560 SEC.

I was told I could use the stock 560 Case and the Gears from the 107 SL's 450SL's 1972 through 1980 the 3.06:1 3.07:1 that seems to be the best way to go. I was told that the SL's offers no Limited slip 1972-1980. It would be nice to have a Limited slip is that possible?

Mercedes shops don't seem to offer this service & Finding the right guy to do the job without spending a ton of money is a problem. I was told a good BMW or VW shop may have the knowlege and tools to do the job. There is also the problem of a ABS hookup that needs to be machined.

I have a guy that works on VW rear ends with a great reputation and says he has the tools to do the job. If the pionion needs to machined where can it be sent to make the ABS work.

I just found this site, this is my first post. Any help would be appreciated.


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