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Also, I have a large chip out of one of the grey "slats" in the front of the grill. I'm thinking of replacing the entire grey piece. Does anyone know if replacing the grey piece of the grill alone is dificult or even possible at all?
The grill insert can easily be replaced - description of technique is in the archives. A worthwhile modification is to buy the new insert (about $25-30; Fastlane sells the inserts.) and take it to a good auto paint facility. Have them prep the plastic, sparay it with matte (not gloss or flat) black paint, and then cover it with matte clearcoat that has had the material added used for painting front bumpers to protect from rock chips. I had mine done this way, and it doesn't have any imperfections at all after 3 years. Spend a bit more and replace the aluminum strips and you will have a new grill.

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