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Originally posted by MikeTangas
OK Scandinavian, now for more questions.

When you say it is "snakey", I understand the car is all over the road. When I first read that I was thinking rear suspension links because in my mind I suspected you had a W124.

Now we learn it is a wagon, which has hyrdaulic self leveling, and you made reference earlier to bad accumulators. Now does the rear of the car bounce alot going down the road? Or is your ride a very harsh ride, where you feel every bump in the road? Then I would think the accumulators are shot. An easy check would be to get the rear up on ramps, find the bleeder screw on the leveling valve and attach a section of clear tubing. Then with all of your body parts out of the way crack open the bleeder screw. If the spheres are shot your fluid will come out very foamy.

If your fluid is foamy, replece the spheres and you should be good to go.

Yes the car is w124 wagon, no the car is not bumping and i have
death space on my steering wheel,
im going back to the guys that did wheel aligment and recheck this again, and all the wheel bearings is ok.
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