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Slight noise on acceleration: w124

Car is an '88 300E, 135K miles. Just had the fluid, filter and some seals, and both flexible lines replaced in the auto transmission and also the rear main seal (long as I'm in the neighborhood).

I've just noticed a very slight clicking sound when gently accelerating from a dead stop. It reminds me a bit of the noise a U-joint makes, but much less harsh and I don't feel it transmitted through the car. The last time I had a U joint go out was 20 years ago on my '64 F100, so I don't know what a M-B should sound or feel like.

The click is crisp, but sounds sort of two-stepped. The same noise occurs if I immediately release the gas peddle. It sounds like its coming from just aft of the transmission, but that's not at all certain. I cannot hear the noise inless the driver's window is down (the weather's been great down here), so it may have been present for quite some time before the ambient temp finally moderated.

Any ideas?
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