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Where to jack when using spring compressor

Iím using the MB spring compressor when installing new guide rods on my 420 SEL. Should I place the car up on jack stands at the jack points behind the front wheels and then apply the compressors to the springs or do I need to have the jack stand under the lower control arm before I install the compressors? And after compression, should I provide additional support under the ?lca. It appears that the guide rods offer a lot of structural integrity to keeping the LCA in place. I donít think I want the car resting on the LCA after I remove that apparently crucial support from the guide rod.

Secondly, Iím need new lower ball joints. It appears the perfect time to replace these is when Iím doing the guide rods. I know the issues around pulling and pressing the ball joints. The thing that intimidates me is the the MB manual says that the hub needs to be pulled using a special tool which I donít have. Is this the case? Also, it seems that some guys remove the steering knuckle to install and remove the joint and others donít. Am I reading this correctly? What the advantage of one over the other?

Thanks for your help.
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