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Originally posted by engatwork
The reason I asked is because I changed the trans. fluid this weekend and I still seem to have some drip out of the bell housing area. I checked the torque converter plug and it looked dry around it. I was going to take another look this evening to insure that it is not leaking out from around the plug. My thinking is that during draining I accumulated some in the lower section of the bell housing which I assume will slowly drip out until it is all gone. I can't stand to have any drips.
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Yes, that is what happens when you drain the converter. On the bottom of the bell-housing there is a black plastic plug that can be removed by giving it a 1/4 turn and pulling it down. That will drain the excess from the crater in the housing.
I always stick a rag in there from the front hole and let it soak up any excess . Can't stand any leaks myself !!!!!!!
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