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Question Chain tensioner...which way will it draw cam?

'89 560 SEL. Cover off chain and rails with new tensioner (due to broken rails, which took out the lower left rail). Turning by hand, the Left cam timing mark is dead on at TDC #1. Right mark showed slight retarded (about 6 or 7 degrees on crank). Didn't think we jumped a tooth, but loosened the tensioner and advanced the Right one tooth. Now right is advanced 11 or 12 degrees on crank, left is still on the money. I am assuming that the new tensioner, when under pressure will alter the cam timing slightly. Question is, which direction? Will it pull the right cam gear back from the advanced position? Am i better served to stay advanced or should i go back to retarded but closer?

For what it's worth, while I am quite sure we didn't jump a tooth, when the left rails let go, the left cam ended up exactly 180 degrees opposite the right. Heard no major metallic noise, and can see no marks on the top of any left side pistons (using a flex light and mirror) so my fingers are crossed on bent valves.

Thanks for any help you can offer. And for those lingering to do chain and rails, just do it!!
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