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Thank you for posting the proper plating process. I'll definitely have to inquire about the companies procedure to determine if it's even close, I have a feeling it's not. BTW I will be using new rotors so that may help with surface prep.

Guys I'm a bit confused with your responses. My goal is to keep the area NOT abraded by the brake pads from corroding. I know for a fact that the pads will remove the nickel from the wear area, I'm not worried about that. The section of the rotor which comes in contact with my wheel is my concern, see the picture below. I assumed since Nickel is corrosion resistant that it would hold up brake dust/water/oxygen. I am concerned with the flaking issue Kestas mentions which would essentially remove the nickel plate and leave an unprotected surface.

I originally called this company asking about CAD plating and was told Nickel is far superior for corrosion resistance, I don't doubt this but if it doesn't adhere then it's useless. I wonder if it's because they didn't offer CAD Plating. If the consensus is that CAD plating will offer superior protection on the un-worn areas then this is the direction I'll go. Your thoughts......

Here's the shot:
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