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Strange O.V.P. behavior.

I have two OVPs. A new one purchased about two years ago and an old one that came with the car. The old one appears to have been opened and examined by a prior owner or mechanic.

About two years ago the ABS light started coming on after leaving the house, not immediately after starting. I replaced both front wheel sensors as both connects to them were brittle and falling apart. This didn't cure the ABS light. After a few more weeks the ABS light would illuminate immediately after starting. (I can tell if the ABS light is going to stay lit the moment I turn the key, even without starting the car. If the ABS light slightly flickers, there is a problem) Examining the old relay revealed no burned circuits or obvious problems. Both fuses were fine. I replaced the old OVP relay with the new one and that "cured" the problem.

Tonight. Wife comes home and tells me the ABS light is lit. I pull the new relay and examine the fuses. Everything is fine. I reinstall and the ABS light is still lit with the car running. I remove the new OVP and install the old OVP. Start the car and the ABS light stays off.

What's going on? The old OVP relay didn't fix itself. I do notice that the relays gets very warm when the engine is running, but I assume this is normal? I bet the old relay will be fine for a few months, and then the cycle will repeat itself.

Any idea what's cauing this???

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