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300 CE tranny jerk

Hi All,

I am looking at a 1991 300CE as a replacement to "Wilhelm", my 1987 300D. The 300CE is in very good condition generally, the body, chassis and interior are very clean and sound.

The engine sounds good and runs well too, a bit of oil on the block and around the head but I've read these engines leak a bit and have gasket problems. There are a few rumbles from the rear end going over bumps which I think are some worn links and bushes. I'm not worrying too much about that.

My one major concern is the auto transmission. When parked whenever I select D or R the tranny waits a second then engages with a little jolt and the engine comes under load then returns to proper idle again. First I tried R to N then D and got the jolt and engine idle dip. Then I kept my foot on the brake and engaged D, N and D again, to check for freeplay in the propshaft etc. I did the same for R, N, then R again, the effect seems the same each time. However on 2 test drives the box seemed to change very smoothly and cleanly. No bangs or jerks during hard and slow driving.

Can anyone tell me their thoughts on this car and the tranny from my description? All electrics are working perfectly (including the seatbelt extender!!!), original radio cassette aswell!

He is asking 6000 (euros) and I've offered 5000 because of the box worries and the rear end clunks. 150,000 miles, and 3 owners so far.

I'm very keen on the car, but I dont want to run into major problems a few weeks after I buy it. All your opinions and advice will be very welcome!!

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