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W124 is hesitating when fully pressing the gas pedal

Lately I have noticed that my car doesn't like when I fully press the gas pedal. It will accelerate fast if I keep the gas pedal 1 inch from the very end. When I push it 1 inch to the floor the car starts to hesitate and won't accelerate over 4000-4500 rpm.

In my opinion there can be 3 things that can cause this,

1. It could be because my fuel distributor's plunger leaks fuel when pushing down the air intake plate. I am thinking that when I fully press the gas pedal the plunger is pushed all the way down leaking extra fuel which super enrichens the fuel mixture so that the car starts to hesitate.

2. It could be that some weak component in the ignition system is failing at higher rpm causing a weak spark and so hesitation happens.

3. Could be some other component like a fuel pressure regulator and so on.

My car has a new fuel pump and filter so I don't think it is a fuel starvation problem. Did anyone also experience the same thing? I need someone to put me in the right direction for searching the answer to the problem.
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