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It's not really an easy job in my opinion to change the belt. I've removed and installed mine numerous times and each time I have to look at the owners manual for the correct routing over the pulleys. Look on the belt and it should have a part# on it that the parts store can cross reference.

If you look below the power steering pump pulley you should see a belt tensioner of which keeps the belt tight. I can't remember what size socket fits on the bolt (seems like it was a 13 or 15mm). Anyhow release the tension on the belt and it will slip off the power steering pump pulley, from there you can remove the rest of it.

I've found it's easier to this job if you first remove the radiator shroud, it will give you a bit more room to work in. Let me know if this helps, if you need more information I'm sure I can post a picture of the tensioner and the correct belt routing.
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