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Check the CD wiring diagrams for a while; find amusing here-to-for unknown electric actuator on them; have cardiac arrest; recover; thank God there's no groceries in the trunk. Then turned the alarm on-off a gazillion times (driver's door lock); repeat as neccessary until it "unlevers"; unplug two wire MB plug to lock actuator!!! Took two days of occasional fiddling.

This is on my MB factory alarm system, but I didn't really know about it until the actuator got really tempermental.

I don't know when MB first introduced the alarm system (around 1984 CA ?), but if you are not worried enough about the trunk contents to need a double lock when alarm is armed, I highly recommend disconnecting this actuator (near license plate lights inside trunk lining). Of course, not many of the old factory systems are still connected by now.

If I got really desparate I was going to run a +12v. signal thru the appropriate pin in the alarm harness under the passenger false firewall. If that didn't work 1/2" drill?
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