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Have a wierd situation,
Couple of days ago, Left headlight was dim as I turned on the switch, Would go bright as I drove off. Thought maybe loose fuse. When this occured, The external light indicator light on the dash came on and the high beam indicator also lighted up. Nothing wrong with the fuses, etc.

Few days later (to cold to fully check out !!!) Lights went back to mormal operating mode, No problems.

Tonight , The headlights went totaly dead, everthing else OK, Fogs, running etc.

No Low beam , No high, no heads what so ever.

Main exteranl indicator light ( right side of dash panel) on dash fully lit, and also the high beam indicator lit fully.

Fuses ok, Wiring at bulbs seems OK,

Pull fogs on the switch OK, No change when I flash high beams, No heads of any kind

You guys have a thought?

Thought maybe main switch is out or main lead to switch maybe burnt but didn't get a chance to look. ( Dark and cold in the garage.

Thought I'd check into it further Sat during the day.

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